Best Headphone Gift Ideas for iPhone 7 Owners

ecenturycentre iphone headphoneBrand new cans for the iPhone -7, are the best thing that happened to personal listening pleasure, be it to communicate with someone in private when you are in a crowd, or listen to your favorite music or radio channel without disturbing those around you, or giving that smart image to others observing you, that you are busy and just don’t have the time and inclination to share gossip with them.

Headphones have revolutionized the way we listen to whatever it is on our mobile devices and have become a fashionable accessory to many and is popularly seen in the ear of many when you happen to step out of home and is the new trend for the future

The latest audiophile tech available in the market are smart contraptions too and are discreet but with high resolution sound that gives stereo theater output.

Apple has brought many innovations to their iPhone 7 and the successor to the 30 pin dock connector is the 8 pin lightning connector which provides the ability to have a slimmer point to connect the headphone cable.

They have also done away with the 3.5 headphone socket, for the iPhone-7 but it is still connectable through the lightning cable headphones port for listening pleasure, of superlative quality.

This resulted in users having to use Apple’s non-standard lightning connector or connect with wireless headphones which are now becoming very popular and is the new trend among many iPhone -7.

Many other competitors of Apple are also releasing new-connector type headsets in the near future as per the market requirements, as iphone 7 dropping their port is sure to quicken the pace for others.

The variety of different wireless headphones that are compatible with the iPhone 7 are numerous with Bluetooth supported ones in the forefront too.

In the video below you can get an idea of just how many options are currently out there. There is something for pretty much every type of music lover, from the classical loving “maestro” to the raving mad EDM lovers..

If none of the gadgets in the video above suit your taste, then perhaps you’ll like to stick with Apple’s own in-ear “airpod” setup..

Apple’s new wireless AirPods, “Siri” earbuds for the iPhone-7 are state of the art and are being aggressively promoted by Apple to be the next generation headphones with a sophisticated look.

The AirPods “Siri” earbuds have revolutionized the headphone industry and with its capacity to keep going with a longer charge time is popularizing the product which has become the envy of others.

The AirPod “Siri” function is easily and instantly connectable to your iPhone 7 and othe compactable devices that you may be using.  Siri works perfectly with the new wave of smart-connected, smart headsets hitting the market in time for the 2017 shopping season.

Selecting the best audio gear for your friend is an arduous task as there are many manufacturers in the market with one better than the other and selecting one would take quite a lot of soul searching. In the end you really just have to know your friend and what type of setting they’ll use their earphones in. For example, if they are always out and about, then the JBL Reflect Aware in-ear type is perfect. If they prefer listening to their tunes on their sofa in their living room, then a bigger, and higher fidelity type like the Audeze EL-8 Titanium’s would be a good match.

Paying high for a pair of Lightning headphones which you may be able to use rather than an existing pair with the iPhone 7 by using an adaptor is not the best option if you are on a shoestring budget, as the adapter does “work”.. kind of.. however if you are already spending over $1,000 on a smartphone, then you might as well spend a few extra dollars and get a set of technologically advanced earphones to accompany it!

Apple will bundle an adaptor with the iPhone 7, and this would enable you to use older headphones based on the 3.5mm standard – saving a lot of money into the bargain. However, as we mentioned, the world of “smart headphones” brought about by Lightning ports and USB type C connectors is a fast evolving and very interesting one worth your consideration.